1.  What Chichén Itzá Experience is?

A: It is an application developed to show you this magnificent archaeological site, offering the possibility of knowing the interior of the structures through non-invasive technologies, always preserving and respecting our great cultural heritage. Get verified information, 3D maps, panoramic photos, AR, historical photos, and more ...

2. How do I register in the application?
A: Not registration is required. By downloading the app straight from the App Stores, you can start living the experience.

3. How do I start the tour?
With Chichén Itzá Experience, simply click on the highlighted structure in red and follow the tour with the next structure button, and some footprints will guide you on the right path.

4. Can I choose any of the structures or should I follow a predefined route?
We have a predefined route for you so you won't miss any details in the map, but you can go straight to some preferred structure if you choose in the "Structures" section.

5.  How do I identify structures that have Augmented Reality?
Some structures have a AR symbol.

6.     How is Augmented Reality enabled?
It's very simple, click on the Augmented Reality icon and you will see that the camera will activate, point your device at the selected structure and enjoy the experience. Remember that you can interact with the animation by rotating or increasing and decreasing its element.

7.     How do I identify structures that have 360° vision?
Some structures have the 360° symbol.

8.     How does 360° vision work?
Just click on the button to pop up the different images, now is the time to rotate your phone 360° to enjoy this immersive experience. Remember that many structures have more than 1 image, so use the top buttons to navigate between them.

9.     I would like more information about the service, I have comments or suggestions
We will be delighted to hear from you, visit our website www.chichenxp.com and leave your feedback via the form or write to us directly via our email support@amazingxp.com